BRAD: the game

1. Do NOT use the "BACK" button on your browser.

Follow a path to its end, and then start again if you like.

When starting the game, a new browser window appears in
which the "BACK" button is no longer there to tempt you.

On the Microsoft browser you can bring it back.  On Netscape
you can right click on the mouse to go "BACK" if you really want
to.  I don't know if you can or can't on the AOL browser.

2. Make your browser window a tall rectangle.

The game window appears as a tall rectangle in shape. This
makes the text easiest to read. Feel free to adjust its size and
shape to your liking, though.


"BRAD: the game" FACTOIDS
* There are 223 different posible endings.
(not including "hard mode")
* There is a "hard mode" that you can play if you score
high enough in the normal mode.
* "BRAD: the game" consists of 592 individual web pages.
* Over 320 people from at least 7 different countries
play "BRAD: the game" on an average day.
"BRAD: the game" CHECKLIST
It is possible to do all of the following
things in "BRAD: the game"...
- Become a famous rap star
- Defeat BOOG in a fight
- Get abducted by aliens
- Discover the meaning of life
- Become a secret agent for
the U. S. government
- Revitalize Webster's career
- Attend the Electric Earwax reunion tour
- Defeat your own doppelganger
- Join the Greek Navy
- Travel into the future
- Shoot Sandy
- Marry Anna
- See Godzilla
- Defeat Bud
- Find pants
- Score 72 times in one night
- Sire another illegitimate child
- Shoot Merv
- Wash your own shirt
 - Kareoke
...and so much more!